Making Mission the Centre

A season of mobilisation

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‘Making Mission the Centre.’ That’s what we feel God calling us as NZCMS to focus on in this season. We’re excited when we hear and join with churches, groups and individuals who are discovering more of what it means to make God’s mission central to following Jesus. But this statement, ‘Making Mission the Centre’ also implies one important thing: mission isn’t always at the centre! We’ve been quite stumped when we hear stories of just how far from the centre mission can be.

Recently someone questioned whether ‘being missional’ or ‘cross-cultural mission’ are even phrases young people understand anymore. We’ve known for a long time that ‘mission trips’ are often seen as an ‘optional extra’ for people to ‘go on,’ but when you spend most of your days thinking, speaking, dreaming and praying about God’s mission, you forget that for a lot of people, it can be a peripheral faith ‘activity.’

Though lacking the camel-garments and honey addiction, we resonate with John in being a “voice in the wilderness” (John 1:23). Like John, we’re desperately trying to stay the course and be faithful to the words God puts on our hearts. But we sense that clever strategies won’t change what we’re seeing; what’s needed is a prayer movement petitioning God to raise up people of all ages who are inspired and challenged by God’s mission call on their lives! Will you join with us as we hope and pray for this a new wave of people in mission?