Missional Movements

June’s Missional Movements

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The Hicks family expect to welcome their new baby on or around June 1. They all travelled on May 11 to the capital, Honiara, for the birth. They will return to their village as soon as the baby is strong enough and Tess feels ready to make the boat crossing.

Peter Akester will be ordained at Kondoa Cathedral alongside 11 others on June 19. Rev Andrew Allan-Johns from Rangiora will lead the preceding retreat.

Katie has finished her Spanish Classes at University and hopes to be transitioning out of full time language learning soon.

Dianne has recovered well from the slipped disc in her back and is now ‘walking like a solider.’

We’re invited to join the World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk (June 4-5). Find out more at http://hk.viva.org/world-weekend-of-prayer.aspx

Phil Sussex is trialling some Saturday evening church-based dental clinics to make dental care accessible for factory workers who work long hours 6 days a week.

May’s Missional Movements

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A big congratulations to Heather Fraser (NZCMS Church & Supporter Relations) who married John McCall on April 30.

The new Council was announced at the March AGM: Paul Cooper, Ian Dally, Zane, Pane Kawhia, Graeme Mitchell, Anne Segedin and Joanna Frampton. We give thanks for this group of dedicated people.

During April Jonathan Hicks made an unexpected  brief visit to NZ for medical reasons. The results of his trip were positive, both medically and with good connections with some churches and supporters

Steve Maina (National Director) and his family returned to NZ at the end of April.


We’ve recently launched a new website for the Haerenga Mission Internship

April’s Missional Movements

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Congratulations to Pippa and Molly Sussex who were baptised over Easter. Also, Phil’s dental team has recently regained access to Cambodia prisons after a three year lock-out!

Todd DeKryger, the Medical Director of the Hospital of Hope in Togo (where Miriam Tillman works), passed away suddenly in March, leaving behind a wife and four boys.

Dianne Bayley has been in significant pain due to a slipped disc in her back. After some weeks she has found treatment which has been of some help.

Margaret Poynton is recovering from a fractured tailbone as well as malaria and dengue fever!

We’ve recently launched a new website for the Haerenga Mission Internship to explain what it’s all about.

March’s Missional Movements

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Cliff and Irene Studman will be returning to Tanzania in March. They expect to be back in NZ in November.

We congratulate Murray & Féy Cotter on the birth of their latest grandchild, Ambrose.

This month Phil Sussex is starting two new lecture series for his dental students.

Nick and Tessa are returning to Uganda after a fruitful time of Leave and Home Service here.


February’s Missional Movements

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We’re delighted by the news that the baby of partners from Asia was born happy and healthy in December.

Jonathan and Tess Hicks will be welcoming their fifth child into the world in June. The plan is to stay in the Solomons for the birth.

Carol Roger returned to Papua New Guinea late January to serve as a short-term Mission Partner for a year. She’s teaching at the Kapuna Life School.

Anne McCormick now has a fulltime assistant in her arts programme, enabling the programme to further develop and progress.

Féy Cotter will be doing much of her work from Wellington during the month of February as she supports and enjoys the arrival of their second grandchild.

December – January Missional Movements

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Partners in Asia made an unexpected return to NZ for the birth of their third child. Their time here in NZ is primarily for rest, refreshment and the birth of their child; they will not be available for speaking engagements.

Margaret Poynton arrived in Papua New Guinea in early November.

The Thornberrys are finding ways to better support refugees. Nigel will also visit Germany to train pastors to understand and integrate Syrians into their ministries – it’s expected 10-20 new churches will be planted next year due to the influx of refugees. Then in January, the family will be visiting a significant gathering of neo-pagans.

Murray and Féy Cotter have found a new church plant to partner with. The Kisha e Perendise (Church of God) church and church plant are in a densely populated suburb called Mëzez, on the outskirts of Tirana.

 Dianne Bayley, her team and up to 600 guests will be celebrating the 40th year of Children’s Bible Ministries in the Philippines on 22 January.

November’s Missional Movements

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The Hicks family arrived in the Solomon Islands last month. We also congratulate Jonathan on the upcoming publication of his book Trinity, Economy, and Scripture.

Dianne Bailey returns to New Zealand from the Philippines late November for two months.

Nick and Tessa will be coming back to New Zealand at the beginning of November for four months of Leave and Home Service. Also, the new Alcohol Ordinance which Tessa’s community group have been campaigning for should now be completed!

July’s Missional Movements

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Rosie plans to upskill by studying for a year at Trinity School for Ministry, an Evangelical Anglican school that aims to form Christian leaders for mission. The course starts in September and is based in Pennsylvania USA.

Margaret Poynton has been welcomed as a Mission Partner to Papua New Guinea. She has recently completed her cross-cultural studies at St Andrew’s Hall in Melbourne, Australia.

We’re saddened that Féy’s dad died on Friday June 5. The Cotters will return to NZ early July for about three weeks for a memorial service and to support Féy’s Mum during this time.

May’s Missional Movements

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At the start of each month we put out a list of Missional Movements, updating you on the ‘whos,’ ‘wheres’ and ‘whats’ of NZCMS. The same list will be found in the latest edition of Prayer Fuel.

The Hicks family have been welcomed as Mission Partners in a joint venture with SAMS USA. They will be based in the Solomon Islands where Jonathan will teach at a Bible College. Tessa will take on a number of roles including leading women’s Bible studies, mentoring, and home schooling their children:  Avalyn (9), Cohen (7), Caeli (4) and Judah (3). They hope to arrive in the Solomons in August.

Peter and Christine Akester have also been welcomed as NZCMS Mission Partners.

Liz will be returning to New Zealand mid-May for a few months of Leave and Home Service

Lesley Smith, our Personnel Director, will be visiting partners in Asia in May.

April’s Missional Movements

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Each month we produce a list of key Missional Movements from our Mission Partners around the world – their comings and goings, notable achievements, new projects. These are also found in our monthly Prayer Fuel publication.

Tessa Laing’s church based community group, ‘Wakonye Kenwa,’ has launched a new campaign against ‘sachet alcohol.’ In Gulu even children can buy very strong gin for 25c in a small, concealable plastic sachet. The team will need strength and strategy this year – the fight will not be easy!

Edric Baker and the Kailakuri medical project recently hosted Jason Morgenson, an American doctor, for three weeks. Jason is learning about the project’s administration so that he and his family can move there in October.

Dianne Bayley was visited last month by a team from NZ who were able to install twelve refurbished computers for the school’s computer room. They also brought upgrades for 30 other computers so they could install some required software. Dianne also visited NZ briefly for her nephew’s wedding and for some training with a small team from St John’s Rangiora who will be coming to visit her later in the year.

Miriam Tillman will visit NZ late April for her brother’s wedding.