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Pacific 2 Nations: a Report

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NZCMS Office Intern, Ropeta, recently attending the Pacific 2 Nations conference in Auckland, a conference focusing on calling Pacific people into global mission. Here she shares her reflections from the event.

If my people….

never had the chance to hear the Gospel, I wonder how different my life would be.

If my people…..

have heard the Good News of Jesus, how has this shaped and transformed their lives, their families, their communities and their nations?

This year’s P2N conference theme was ‘Awakening the Warrior.’ Leading up to the conference I had pondered the above questions. What did it take for someone that was so on fire for God to leave the comforts of home and overcome barriers such as language, finances etc. to venture out and take the Good News of Jesus across the Pacific ocean? I truly believe it came down to their first love, knowing who Jesus was and what he had done for them and wanting to share that with others. The Great Commandment and the Great Commission – they go hand in hand.

Seems so simple, yet so daunting. I guess that’s what makes a Warrior.

My definition of a warrior: Someone who is loyal, gets the job done no matter what the cost is for them. They are often the hero in the making on the verge of doing something great. They are misunderstood at times but always pull through. They are forceful souls; they embody qualities of strength, courage and determination. They rise to the challenge because there are causes to serve and struggles to overcome, battles to be won. They like to be on the front line with their trusted comrades. Their basic drive is to uphold what is right and defeat what is wrong. They are honourable, faithful and a true witness to the mission. This is the warrior.

I have come away from the P2N conference challenged, stirred and out of my comfort zone. The speakers were great, the worship was on point and the message has hit home for me: be available, no more excuses and it’s time to take part in what God is already doing. I don’t want to be the disobedient one. I want be a part of God’s plan to be a blessing to others. Because I have heard the Gospel, I see how it has transformed and shaped people’s lives, communities and nations. I want to be a warrior for mission and be a part of God’s story, one that brings hope, love, transformation and grace to all his people and creation.

The Pacific drum for mission is beating from the north in Hawaii, from the east in Tahiti, from the west in Papua New Guinea and to the south in New Zealand. It’s getting louder and louder but will my people hear it?

God is awakening the warrior.


(The above photo is from Amy Huffaker on Flickr.)