New wheels for Dianne

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We’re delighted to share that our big item of praise: a new set of wheels! Its a “new” but not new diesel Toyota 2.5E Innova, the 2010 model with 7 seats (with removable seats), only 61000 kms on the odometer and it’s had only one owner. Other than one slight mark outside, it’s pretty much immaculate. So we are very happy.

I asked Obet to put it on a rise outside our Home of Love and Compassion so I could take a good photo. At that moment some of the children from the Children’s Home arrived from school, and they were excited to be in the photo. And Melany our Social Worker happened to also arrive with Gelai, our little Cerebral Palsy child. They had just brought her new set of wheels as well – a stroller!

This means we’re now set to fetch you from the airport when you visit! In fact, we’ve recently been able to pick up a team from the airport using this car for the first time: a group from St John’s Rangiora.. And what a great time we have had with them over National Disability Month. (Plus its really nice to just be with kiwis!)

Two Camps

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I want to thank God and thank you for your prayer and support that came in for both our recent camps. They were amazing! About 70 children attended our Hebron Children’s Camp, and right from the start there was a sense of peace and happiness! (I can assure you this doesn’t always happen!).

When I looked at the food scrap bucket the first night, it was totally empty. They ate everything! When they had games, they were all so happy. They didn’t mind who won or who lost! (I can assure you this does not always happen!).

This year about 40 of those who came were first-time campers and they all made a commitment to Jesus. About 30 were campers who had been before, and they made renewed commitments. God touched everybody as we had prayed. I was able to ask a few children after the camp’s closing about their experience – they had enjoyed everything. One older girl said God showed her to be more obedient at home – the stories were on Joseph. Another girl said that God had healed her of a heart condition. A smaller boy said God had changed his life, but he could not explain in what way! I saw a pastor’s son (he’s about 11) sitting at the back during Holy Spirit night and explaining to another boy exactly what was going on. His parents were so pleased to hear about that later.

We have just finished the camp for disabled people as well. Probably about 60 came. It was a bit quiet to start with, partly because we had been hoping for more people to come. But on the next day, wow what a change. It was lovely to see the people with disabilities feeling free to be themselves and share with each other what is on their hearts. They had so much fun and laughter too. The thalidomide boy with no lower arms or lower legs could run. A wheelchair user man was not embarrassed to crawl to the swimming pool – he enjoyed it so much. One woman shared later that she knew about this camp but felt it was beneath her to attend. But she came and and so enjoyed it and was refreshed spiritually too.


The playground

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Our play equipment in our Junior Playpark had really become old and shabby and needed replacing. Last year we were given a whole set of play equipment (like a McDonalds playground) which had hardly been used. The challenge was, how would we get it it out of the building it was in and out of the tiny streets of an old part of Manila?

Well, someone lent us a six wheeler truck and with six men we spent the whole day dismantling, loading, travelling and then finally unloading it back here. That involved 3 hours of taking it apart, carrying each part through double doors, down steps, into a yard and heaving them onto the truck – by the end the truck was completely filled! 

The next challenge was how to erect this indoor equipment outdoors, but in the shade so it’ll be nice and airy (and beyond the access of frogs and cats!). Our school PTA President and her committee got behind the project and raised money for roofing to install it outside in the Junior Play-park. All this week our maintenance men and caretakers have been busy fitting all the bits together again. It was quite the puzzle, but they’ve succeeded and it looks good. Praise God!! Engineer Daniel, husband of the PTA President, is organising his workmen for free to put up the roofing and fencing and gate. 

Isn’t that just like God! He wants to bless us! We are his children! We didn’t even pray for this, but he knew we needed it and where it was, sitting doing nothing, just gathering dust. Now it’s ours and ready for the kids to enjoy.


Samoans in the Philippines

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Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Hujambo and Kamusta!

The countdown is on and there are less than 40 days left before a small team of ladies from Grace Women’s Ministry (St Paul’s Trinity Pacific Presbyterian Christchurch) along with team leader Watiri Maina (NZCMS) travel to the Philippines on an Encounter trip in 2017.

For most of us the idea of going on a short term mission or encounter trip is new and foreign. But when the seed was planted last year the team were intentional about prayer, fasting and being open to the Holy Spirit in leading us through this process. We’re absolutely excited to partner up, learn from and serve alongside Mission Partner Dianne Bayley and the team at CBM in the Philippines.

It has been a busy, challenging and rewarding 12 months of preparation and we still have much to learn and to prepare for before heading away. We continue to give thanks to God and we are absolutely in awe of what he is teaching us during this exciting season because at the end of the day it’s his plan and purposes; we’re just privileged and honoured to be a part of his plan.

We’re grateful for the new formed partnership with NZCMS to make this possible. We are also blessed for new connections made through Simply Mobilising – Kairos, iTeams and our local Filipino Christian communities. We have been overwhelmed and humbled with the support, love, words of encouragement and donations from everyone, and we especially give thanks for prayers. We couldn’t do this without all our supporters; thank you very much and from the bottom of our hearts we cannot thank you enough.

We ask that if you are reading this to please pray for Dianne Bayley, CBM and our team as we prepare.

If anyone interested in finding out more about our journey, please visit

God Bless and Fa’afetai tele lava,

Ropeta Mene-Tulia (On behalf of Encounter Philippines Team 2017)

A good start to the school year

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Praise God for a very joyful staff and children’s opening dedication for this school year. We had a lot of people attend which was unexpected but the food covered everyone … but only just!

The Bible College and the classes for the deaf have now swapped places. The Bible College is very happy in their ‘new’ facility upstairs in the building for disabled. And the disabled children are much better downstairs in the auditorium! A local Christian family gave our 24 children in our orphanage a new school bag each – a very generous gift that has been greatly appreciated! And after some weeks of preparation, the Bible College students went out to a local barrio where there is no church. As a result, 90 children were led to Jesus! One of our pastors has a real desire to build up these clubs, eventually opening Bible studies for parents so the clubs can grow into actual churches.

Please pray for the government program to get rid of drug lords and criminals… and safety for our new tough talking President! A couple of weeks ago the Philippines inaugurated a new president who is very different. He talks really tough… but he means what he says, and after 20 years as mayor of a difficult city in the past it’s now a beautiful and peaceful city. So we know he can do it. He hates drugs and promised that in six months he will get rid of all drug lords and pushers. Recently he publicly named five Police Generals who were coddling drug lords and publicly dismissed them from their positions. (He had already warned them). The prison will be a future target as there are some ‘prisoners’ with shabu laboratories in there! One in five barrios struggles with drug problems. He wants to bring the communist and other longtime insurgency groups to the table and he has a few in government positions already. But, if you don’t work you are out! The general feeling is a buzz of great anticipation! Everyone is listening and reading the news everyday… or else you might miss out on something!

Sad and Glad times in the Philippines

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Our news is both sad and glad.


Our Bible College students graduated a couple of months ago. Congratulations to them all! I’m especially excited for Charles – he cant stop smiling! He was always clever to escape jobs; he’s a bit of an ‘escape artist.’ But up north, during his placement, he found he had to cook … and do the marketing .. and fetch and carry water … and then help with church building repairs! The congregation grew to love him and they all want him back. So that’s where he is going! What a changed person.


A couple of months ago our long-time faithful senior staff, Pastor Manny Masangkay, went to be with Jesus after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. Since coming to Bible College as a young man he had been with us 34 years. He was married and had a grandchild.

His parents and 10 siblings were all once involved in a cult. He steadfastly prayed for them to be set free and all but one escaped. His two brothers are now pastors and his father has a jail ministry which he still goes to every Sunday, even though he’s now 91.

Manny got his Bachelor of Theology but showed himself to be very good in practical work, which is why he became our Maintenance Manager. He helped oversee all our seven buildings being built or renovated. He had an amazing creativity. His suggestion would often be totally different from others yet very good. He had a good eye for colour and design.

During the three day and night vigil for Manny, his casket sat on our Cover Court where he loved to play basketball. We will miss him greatly!


Pray for Manny’s family and all of us at CBM as we continue to mourn his death.

Pray for a good second hand Toyota car for our big trips to Manila (such as airport runs to fetch visitors or important meetings).

My back pain is much reduced though I’m walking like a duck! Hopefully next month it’ll be like a giraffe! Thank you for praying.

Dianne’s Back

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We check our teeth but not our back! Last October, during a typhoon I fell in a large drain. I looked like a runner at the blocks but half of my leg was in the drain! After the swelling and infection had gone, I started to feel a sciatic nerve problem in my back! But I left for Australia and NZ soon after that, and with four days here and five days there, I didn’t have a chance to have it checked. I came back here to the Philippines early January, sought treatment, was sent to physio and it became worse. For our Big CBM 40th Anniversary, I took an inflammatory and got through it all well.

So I had an MRI scan. The MRI showed that I had a bulging disc at lumbar 4-5 with herniation or seepage on to the nerve. So very painful! My church had held an anointing meeting for all and I already believed that my miracle was coming! I also looked for a chiropractor. They are regarded as “quacks” here. Thank God for helping me find a very good chiropractor in Manila, for a 50% discount, for a house to stay in Manila for free, and for one of our past Children’s Home boys who supplied a lot of my food! After 10 treatments my back condition made 30% improvement. He found that one leg was ½ inch longer than the other one. That had caused misalignments. He could not manoeuvre the disc. He suggested 2 operations would be needed and from his observation, as these operations are delicate and need precision technology, clients go to hospitals in Singapore or Hong Kong!

I decided to come back here to Hebron and trust God for my healing. I have many praying for me. One really painful night, my friends prayed for angels to protect. The pain went, and perhaps half-awake,  I saw an angel in my room! A friend gave me a semi-orthopaedic mattress and I have had an air-con installed. The Children’s Home send me up meals and a retired friend comes to cleans and wash clothes.

I am improving. The pain is reducing and I can walk straighter each day. At present I walk like a duck! I managed in the local supermarket recently. I am expecting that by end of April I should be able to walk the whole length of the mall – the only cool place to walk!

I’m still asking for prayer for ALL the inflammation to go, for the spine to stabilize and for me to be able to walk straight. Like in the Book of Job in the Bible, its not so much about suffering as it’s about faith to overcome! I thank everyone for your prayers.

Dianne’s reflections on 40 years

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Last July I suddenly realized that Children’s Bible Ministries Philippines had reached 40 years! That’s just incredible when we think of all we’ve been through. I found it very encouraging to look back. Here are some highlights of the journey so far.

God started the world from nothing. He also started CBM from nothing! And here we are, still going and growing. God used the faith of a couple, ’Uncle’ Charlie & ‘Aunty’ Beryl McRae. They had found that children could be led to Christ and discipled, so they opened their home in New Lyn Auckland so that children in their street could come after school once week for a Bible Club. They ran it for three years and saw many changed lives. That led them to eventually form an organization and run camps for children, provide after school missions, develop stories, and eventually facilitate seminars training adults from various churches. In all this they trusted God for the finance and he provided. A younger couple Bill & Jean Morley worked with them fulltime. It was a very small mission!


Finding Space

After some events, Uncle Charlie & Aunty Beryl decided to establish this same ministry in the Philippines. By now they were in their 60s and didn’t have much finance available – some people thought they were ‘nuts!’ But God had proven himself faithful back in New Zealand. Now he would prove himself in Philippines! It’s a reminder for us to never give up on your dreams! As Daniel 11:32 tells us, “The people who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits.”

First they rented a house in Manila and began running training seminars for children’s ministry in the basement. One new Christian, a chemistry professor from University of the Philippines, remarked that she had been there before … when earlier tenants were making Molotov cocktails for the overthrow of Manila and printing communist propaganda! Those previous occupants were now in jail, but she was here, this time learning how to lead children to Christ and become a good citizen.

NOW, 40 years on, we have a 1.5 hectare property with seven buildings and 44 fulltime staff.


Making a Home

One day in 1976 a man visited the house. He and his wife had started a small children’s home for 13 children on the island of Mindoro. She had become very sick and he needed to take her back to the States. His question: would we take the project over?

Feed 13 children?!!

We hardly had enough to cover our own needs, let alone look after 13 children! We said we would pray. God gave us Psalm 37:25. “I was young and now am old, yet never have I seen the children of the righteous forsaken or lacking bread.”

We accepted.

NOW, 40 years on, hundreds of needy children have passed through, come to faith in Jesus, received schooling and been given a chance in life. God has never failed us. In 2014 we began a Home for children with disabilities, giving another group of children that same chance in life.


Training a Team

One time Aunty Beryl got the idea that we should start a Bible College in our house. One Sunday, while in the States for a conference, she was in a church service listening to the sermon when the preacher stretched out his arm, pointed directly at her and said “That which is in your heart, do!”

She was stunned.

Towards the end of his message he did it again: “That which is in your heart, do!” So, Uncle Charlie and Aunty Beryl began the Bible College in our house. We started with five students, but eventually it grew to 80! We used the backyard, the front terrace, the living room and the basement for classrooms!

NOW, 40 years on, that Bible College has trained several hundred students who have gone out, started Christian schools, pioneered churches, ventured overseas and some became staff members of CBM.


Preparing the Next Generation

We started a little pre-school to reach out to local children on our new property early in the 1900s. In 1997 we experienced a fire which almost totally destroyed 20 years of work and most of our building. Parents were clamouring for us to start a primary school… but we didn’t even have a roof anymore! Nonetheless, we received permission and started Grade 1.

NOW, 40 years on, we have pre-school to high school catering for 350 children each day, which includes a department for deaf and autistic students with an Occupational Therapist.


Reaching the Forgotten

In the early 90s our International Director Jean Morley visited. Noticing that one of our staff members in our office was disabled she said, “Briccio you are disabled.” She had realized something. “Let’s use your disability to bring others with disabilities to Christ.” He was eager as nothing much was being done for disabled people, so he went to New Zealand for training. On his return he started a small group in our place. From that, he and others formed a group for people with disabilities in each of our 24 towns. Camps for disabled were started each summer and many have put their trust in Jesus.

NOW, 40 years on, at one recent meeting over 300 came from the different towns! We are even asked to attend government planning meetings from time to time as the voice for disabled!


ALL THIS FROM NOTHING!!! Thanks to all who have prayed and supported. To God be all the glory!


Dianne and her team, along with up to 600 guests, will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of CBM Philippines today (January 22).

What an idea can lead to

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Some Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in New Zealand very kindly sent us up a gift so we could hold a summer camp for PWDs here in the Philippines. We excitingly started planning, looking for a good speaker and setting up other arrangements. In these two day camps we have different activities, speakers and group discussions, a fun night, swimming… and many come to Jesus. Our group is called PCFFD (Phil Christian Fellowship For Disabled).

We are way up north. I said to Leslie, our co-ordinator who is wheelchair user, whether we should consider sending a tithe of the money down south to Pastor Rod Bicaldo, a crutch user who is well known to us from the past – he was an early convert. Why send the money? So Rod could hold a similar event, even just a one day summer programme, to encourage PWDs down there. We didn’t hear back from him straight away, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t interested. In fact, he was so interested that he dove right into planning the event!! About a week later he finally answered, complete with a schedule. He even had a name for the group: PCFFD Davao Chapter.

They held their meeting at a swimming area with the theme of “Promoting Unity among PWDs in Davao City.” Close to 30 came. Pastor Rod (with crutches on the right in the image above) suggested to the group that they establish the chapter under us. They were all very willing for that and very keen to participate in the next activity. They even want to reach out to disabled people in other villages in the near future!

Please continue to pray for our work with PWDs in our area, and pray for Pastor Rod’s vision to do the same in his area.