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An Akester Update

Peter and Christine Akester are currently on deputation in the North Island. Last Wednesday, while in the Taranaki area, they were involved in a car accident. Thanks to God, they both only received some cuts and bruises and the driver of the other vehicle was unharmed. From what we've been told, had the car been an inch or two forward, we may have been reporting two deaths!

The police, an ambulance and a fire engine were called in as Peter and Christine needed to be cut out of the car. Peter had glass up his nose, in his eyelid and in his mouth. Miraculously they have sustained no long-term damage. They are feeling very sore, with bruises and abrasions but were given the all clear from the hospital the night of the accident. Amazingly, the next morning they continued as planned, speaking at a couple of gatherings – though they were pleased to have a day off on Friday!

Praise God that they were protected during the accident and that they are both doing well. Pray that God’s hand will be with them as they recover, physically but also mentally. And pray that God will continue to protect them as they travel around the country.