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The dog hunt

A while back I went on an impromptu dog hunt. Don’t worry no dogs were harmed in the making of this update!

I was leaving 'Waffle Breakfast' (an important weekly ritual on the social calendar here in Mango which is hosted each week by the Molsee family who live on the hospital compound) when I spotted a dog. Normally the guards manage to stop them from slinking though the entry gates but this one must have been extra sneaky.

In Togo a dog bite can be fatal if it has rabies so we definitely want them as far away from the kids as possible. I turned back to the house to call Ethan Molsee as he always enjoys being called to fight off any predator who has invaded our homes or compound, whether it is a camel spider, snake or dog.

We took off on our motos to hunt down our enemy and herd him off the compound. Of course he didn’t stay on our roads but took to the cornfields and zipped around houses and through bushes to try and avoid us. So we followed and enjoyed off-roading from one end of the compound to the other.

Eventually we trapped him in a corner and then carefully guided him past the guesthouse, through a grove of baby trees and out the main gates. While it wasn’t exactly a form of exercise as we rode our motos, it was definitely a great way to let off some steam at the end of a rough week.