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The Escaping Rat

Earlier this month Carol Roger, currently in Papua New Guinea, shared the following. 

I cannot believe April has passed already. I have experienced a non commercial Christ centered Easter with reenactments, church services daily Thursday to Sunday and outreaches in front of the hospital here. On Sunday there was a dawn service with Barbara running the around the village calling "He is risen" and people quickly joining her. These people are great musicians, wonderful at drama and at the second Sunday service celebrated with face painting crosses and hearts, balloons, pancakes and cordial and then a joyful glorifying service to our risen Lord. Not an Easter egg in sight.

The rats, I am happy to say, have not been as bad as expected. But alas the other night at 5am we caught one in the live trap (as they escape other ones). I managed to pick up the trap and carry it to the verandah ready to drown it in the bucket - I was feeling all churned up inside. Segana got up said "Here, I will do it." In the 5am confusion I thought she said "How do you open it?"
I said, "No, don't let it out", and put my hand out knocking the opening. The rat leapt joyfully out and over the balcony. Since then rats have been heard but not seen and said cage remains set but empty. God has helped me, and my fear of rats has lessened but as yet I see no positives in having rats in the village.

Although there is a lot of English spoken here some things get confused. When helping Rosa with tea I looked at the vege and said "I don't like pacpac". She was rocking with laughter and then informed me it was pitpit (not sure of the spelling) and pacpac was poo. We both have a giggle now when she is cooking it for tea.