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The Family Continues to Grow

These last few months have seen us being blessed with many people interested in becoming part of the NZCMS Mission Partner family. Only two weeks ago we welcomed Margaret Poynton and the family continues to grow! We're delighted to welcome our latest Mission Partners, Dean and Amanda.

Dean and Amanda have an established record of cross-cultural involvement. They have spent many years on and off serving in South Asia in a variety of capacities with various organisations, focusing their efforts on coming alongside and supporting the poor. Their heart to serve the poorest of the poor has drawn them back to South Asia. They have been invited to serve with a Christian hospital association that focuses on the poor, largely in rural areas. Dean and Amanda will serve as Programme Manager for the association’s Children at Risk Programme. One of its main areas of focus is anti-trafficking. They will provide technical support for grassroots project managers, helping build capacity while networking with other organisations. Their complementary strengths and skills will bring much to the job. They return to South Asia with their two children.

For information about supporting Dean and Amanda, please contact the NZCMS office.