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The Great Commissioning

On Sunday night we had the privilege of joining our Haerenga Interns at their commissioning service at St Christopher's here in Christchurch. It was an amazing time. Each of them shared the highs and lows from their journey so far. We then had the privilege of gathering around them and praying for them alongside their new friends, mentors and leaders. It has been very special to  journey with them over these four months - four months which have flown past!

These three youngin's have truly become a part of the NZCMS family. Although we're excited that they will soon be serving God in Fiji, we will thoroughly miss their presence in the office. Their passion for God, their desire to learn and their heart for mission have been an inspiration to us all.

With all this in mind, can I ask you a big favour?

If you had the chance, perhaps you'd want to take one of our interns out for coffee so they could share some of their story with you. Imagine how great it would be to take them for coffee every week of their internship to learn how their story unfolds. Well, they leave for Fiji in just over week so the prospect of a coffee isn't all that feasible. But perhaps you could use the money you would spend on that weekly coffee to sponsor one of their missional journeys. Even just $5 a week for the next 6 months will make a huge difference, enabling them to serve God during this season. What's even more exciting is that this season will set them up for a life passionate about mission!

Now, it wouldn't be fair to put forward a request like this without taking it seriously myself. So how about we make a deal. If five people join up to support one of our interns at least $5 a week, I'll do the same! Does that sound like a fair deal? If you're interested either contact us (03 377 2222) or follow the giving instructions here.
To give to Natalie use the code 04Ym19.
To give to Kristy use the code 04YM21.
To give to Warena use the code 04YM20.
Lastly, please do be praying for these three over the next six months while the Interns are in Fiji. Your prayers are ever so valuable.

Click here to download an image of the interns. You can  print it out and stick it on your fridge? It can remind you to pray for them throughout the day.