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The Interns have Landed


After a rather extended journey (requiring some good old missionary-like flexibility) we have our feet planted firmly on Fijian soil. In fact they are quite literally on the soil with my winter white tootsies rather enjoying their release from the confinement of sneakers. My taste buds are also having a great time - currently savouring their first Fijian banana. Yum!

Yesterday we made an exploratory journey by local bus to Suva, our home for the next 3+ months. As far as cities go it's surprisingly pleasant with a beautiful waterfront, trees and even some hills.

First impressions:
- A fascinating mush of Fijian, Indian and western influences.
- Some shockingly expensive supermarket food - $18 for a box of muesli!
- Markets full of fresh fruit and veges- heaven!
- Lovely, smiley locals

It's strange how familiar things like supermarket shopping take so much more energy in an unfamiliar environment! After finishing our shopping mission most of the team required naps. We're already learning local tricks like doing dishes without filling a sink and tonight we're attempting a curry using real coconut milk. Just have to get it out of the coconut...

Right must get to the cooking, photos will hopefully follow shortly.

Bye for now, Nat.

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