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The Jesus Model

Now that I'm officially old, I'm coming to discover that this journey called faith really is all about Jesus. It may sound like a bit of a non-realisation, but I think it's easy to forget that Jesus didn't just do something for us. He showed us what a true human being could be, which is another way of saying he showed me how I can and should live. And, as it turns out, Jesus knew what he was doing when he made discipleship central to his strategy to transform the world and to expand his Kingdom. At it's core, mission is all about discipleship.

The topic of discipleship is the focus of the latest edition of Intermission. We've got articles by Spanky, Bishop Justin Duckworth, some missionaries, ministry leaders in England (from 3dm), plus a couple from the CMS team - and we're use a number of them as recent #NZCMS posts because they were just so good! If you don't have a copy of the magazine, email me and I'll send you as many as you need for your group, but for now I thought we'd start of exploration of the topic of discipleship with this brilliant video.

The video makes a pretty simple point: Jesus orientated his life around three simple principles or modes. He had time to spend with his Father, he had time to spend with his spiritual family, and he had time to spend engaging the world. If being a disciple is about becoming more like Jesus, then I'm supposed to be growing in these three areas - not just my favourite one or two. Imagine what would happen if we learned to find a balance between these three modes. Those we're discipling - something we're all involved in one way or another - would come to imitate us as we live out this balance. And those they disciple would do the same. And so on. We'd have masses of people who know how to connect with God, fellowship with and support one another, and reach out to the world.


What stands out to you in the video?


Which of the three areas are you weakest in? What steps can you make to grow in that area? And who are your going to grow with?

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  1. About the Discipling comment now closed!!
    I have just read it!!…Great. Its a mindset thing that Christians seem to have that is wrong and somehow needs to be replaced with the Jesus way… For instance, one of our teachers told me the other day that he came to the Lord through Frederick!! Frederick was a teenager in our school from a broken home and lots of issues and not much good at school…but he came to Jesus and invited his teacher to his birthday at the church!!!! The teacher came and that incident opened the way for that teacher to come to Jesus. Today he serves in that church and he also disciples or mentors some of our high school Frederick was!

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