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The NZCMS Story Through the Eyes of Jane Kendall

At the recent Festival 200 in Christchurch, NZCMS was invited to present an item that captured how the Gospel came to this land.

Feel free to use this video during this season to tell the NZ Christmas story.

Thanks goes to Laurel Rose Gregory for playing the role of Jane and Mandy Neil who helped us adapt an earlier script that she had written. Both Mandy and Laurel are descendants of the Kendalls.

2 thoughts on “The NZCMS Story Through the Eyes of Jane Kendall

  1. Congratulations CMS, Mandy and Laurel on telling the story of the missionary women as part of ‘The Body of Christ’ bringing the Gospel to New Zealand two hundred years ago. Often missed but so important. A great presentation which captures the women’s part of these ‘foot solders’ of Christ driven by God’s grace in their lives with so much sacrifice. This is the story of humble servants, sometimes with ‘feet of clay’ who sought no recognition, just fulfilling God’s command of them as followers of Jesus.
    Malcolm & Rosemary McLennan

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