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The Relaunch of Interchange

We're pleased to announce the release of the revamped Interchange, the weekly news emailer from NZCMS. Asides from a beautiful new design, the biggest difference is that we've moved from including full length articles to a 'snippet' based approach. This 'email digest' style highlights recent articles posted to the NZCMS website and invites you to read the articles of interest to you. It also means the length will be more consistent, as sometimes the length of articles made Interchange a little cumbersome for some readers.

As it turns out, we've been working on this new Interchange for over six months, sorting out some complicated internet scripting that would make the new design possible. To explain a little how it works, throughout the week we'll post articles and updates to the NZCMS website, as well as add prayer items and events to an internet calendar system. Interchange then automatically draws all this content together and, after a review from me, sends it out to our members across New Zealand. If you want to see the latest news, you can visit throughout the week or check our Facebook page.

Another change that we have been trialling over the last few months is the new printable prayer prompt list. This new system has made the process of creating and sending Interchange more efficient and means a printable prayer list will be automatically created - even if another staff member needs to write Interchange one week and even if I'm away from the office (both not possible previously). If you want a printed copy, we encourage you to print this when you receive Interchange. This is because the prayer list will only show future items, as the list automatically draws the next eight available items. Typically the prayer items are added on Wednesdays, meaning there will not be many items on the list by Tuesdays. Thank you for your patience as we've developed this new printable list, as it has given me a little extra time in my week that I can invest in further developing our Haerenga Mission Internship.

We hope you enjoy the revamped Interchange!

If you or anyone you know might be interested in receiving Interchange each week, they can sign up here: