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Welcome Rainfalls

We seem to have survived a 5-day flurry of visitors over last weekend!  Mothers Union leaders from around Tanzania, a Sunday School teachers’ seminar led by a Lutheran woman pastor, the UVUKE choir from Dodoma (of which Peter was a part way way back in the 80s and 90s!), an all-day meeting for Area Deans of this Diocese, and a Bible School Board meeting which involved us both. These events overlapped with each other but the poor cooks were the same and were exhausted. We had six of the visitors to look after here at home and no water!  We have had plumbing problems for weeks. We were very thankful for a mighty deluge of rain on the Sunday night and we were able to fill all our buckets in no time at all. The river, usually a trickle in the river bed, became a fearful flood, and evidently got very close to swamping the Bible School! We could hear the roaring waters from here, some way up the hill on the other side.

After February’s haphazard rainfalls, which brought hope but no growth of crops or pasture, hundreds of cattle died, and many Masai committed suicide. Families struggle to survive still, although the rains have been great throughout March. We look on that as an answer to the prayers of God’s people, here in Tanzania, but also in New Zealand, UK and USA from where many Christians have been praying.  The price of maize has rocketed up, four times the norm and well out of range for the average family.

On the home front, Peter’s peanut crop looks good, and the forest of spinach around the back has been shared with hungry students. Most of our ‘off-duty’ daylight hours are spent weed-pulling! There is still food in the Kondoa market, and the Bible School students keep fairly healthy, thanks to individuals and churches from overseas who contribute to the work here.

All the students bar one arrived back for the new term and they are working hard. However, there are many concerns for their families back home. One student has had to go home twice to sort out problems of neighbours’ cattle eating new crops in his fields, and just today, one of the staff had to face the anger of his neighbours who claim that his donkeys have eaten their crops! The student who didn’t arrive at the start of term had a critically ill wife to care for. Many prayed for her and she gained strength, but then his daughter became ill, so he still hasn’t appeared.

Peter has finally been able to get some computers set up, and is teaching the students in groups, after lectures are over for the day.  Most had never before touched a keyboard, but Peter hopes they will soon be able to write up their own documents and essays …. slowly, slowly.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Rainfalls

  1. Hello There BOTH YOU MAY BE PLEASED TO KNOW NORTH CANTWERBURY HAD THE THREE YEAR DROUGHT BROKEN LAST WEEK WHEN WE HAD A NATIONAL RAIN “BOMB”caused flooding etc all over the place .We too quite unprepared as usual for what we got…Our st John’s hall now fully booked as other venues are having E Q C work done ,after six years ahem. We are in full expectation for our Easter Holiest weekends to once again uplift our spirits as only the Almighty can do ,Wishing you Both a great EASTER Blessings Ken and Cecily

  2. Hi Peter and Christine.

    Good to see you featured in this edition of NZCMS. I have also put in a piece into the St Michael’s weekly newsletter about you. We feature a mission area or partner every week. I should have it on line at the church website by Monday noon if you want to go online and view it. We will continue to uphold the situation in prayer. God bless you both and all that you come in contact with. I look forward to hearing all about your Easter celebrations.

    Sherin from St Michael’s Henderson.

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