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We’re All Called to Belong (Issue 30)

In the last edition of Intermission we explored how we’re all called to be missional. Mission isn’t just for some elusive ‘Christian elite.’ We’re all called!

We identified five missional postures and gave some ideas of what these could look like in each of our lives. But we only scratched the surface. We’re going to go through the postures this year, dedicating an intermission to each one. So at the start of 2017, let’s remember that:

We’re all called to

In this edition we’re looking at how we’re all called to belong to God’s family of mission. We probably all know that we’re called to participate in God’s mission in some capacity, but often we feel pressure to do more without knowing what to do. Mission is almost always easier – and better – when it’s done together! The following articles will give some ideas of what mission as a community of God’s people, what mission together, can look like.

And to answer your question: Why the frogs? Since this is a series, we wanted to tie them together visually with something quirky that would make them stand out.


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