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What not to do in Spain

Katie is currently in Spain learning the language and culture. Here's some highlights from a blog post we've stumbled across that give some insights into the culture she is learning... and how it differs from the culture back in New Zealand.

The original blog is called 10 Ways to Totally Humiliate Yourself in Spain.


Go barefoot anywhere.

Spaniards have an aversion to bare feet. Even in their own homes, Spaniards wear slippers, so don’t even try to traipse around the pool at the gym without flip flops on!

Dress weather appropriate, rather than season appropriate.

Spaniards dress according to the season, not the weather. This means that even if it’s 27 degrees in winter, you’ll likely be gawked at on the street for wearing shorts and sandals. No matter how high the winter temperature, that is summer attire only!

Eat while on the go.

Spaniards like to make every meal a sit-down meal. Chow down on the street or in the metro and you might find yourself the subject of baffled gazes, feeling like the oft-stereotyped “fat tourist” who simply can’t wait to get to a table before shoving food down her gullet.

Try to get dinner before 9 pm.

Most Spaniards don’t even start thinking about dinner until around 9pm and usually don’t eat it until 10 or 11. Show up to a restaurant around 7 or 8 pm expecting to get dinner and the restaurant will either be empty, closed, or filled with Spaniards enjoying some after work drinks well before dinner.

Wear gym clothes outside of the gym.

In other parts of the world, it’s completely fine to run errands in sweatpants, walk down the street in your less-than-best outfits, or even grab lunch with a friend in yoga pants. In Spain, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb if you so much as enter the grocery store in your gym or lounge clothes. Don’t do it.