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What’s our teapot?

You may have heard how CMS was formed in England around a silver tea pot. But what’s unique about the forming of the New Zealand CMS? What’s our ‘teapot’?

Here’s one example. In 1892, the aging Bishop Edward Stuart of Waiapu invited a delegation from CMS in the UK to come and mobilise New Zealanders for mission. Three days after they left, NZCMS was born! A year later, Bishop Edward received a letter from a missionary in Persia, begging New Zealand to send the “ablest, and best, and bravest for Christ’s work abroad.” It was essentially a request for Edward to mobilise Kiwis for God’s work around the world. The next month, in an official Church publication it was announced that he’d found someone willing and ready to go – at the age of 66 he put up his own hand, retired as Bishop and set sail for Persia where he served for 16 years!

At 66 society tells us we’re supposed to quit, make ourselves comfortable and count down the rest of our days. But not in the Kingdom! God is still calling “Whom shall I send?” Like Edward, in your season of life how can you still be saying, “Here I am Lord” (Isaiah 6)?

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