3 Countries
4 Social Justice Issues
10 Months

Launching in 2019


A radical social justice gap year experience for school leavers and young adults.

Dig deep into the issues of our broken world. Understand how our response is central to the gospel. Explore how you can join in to make our world a better place. Throughout the year we will explore 4 main areas of social justice in New Zealand, Fiji, and Cambodia.

Urban Poverty

Ethical Consumption

Climate Change

Refugees and Migrants



At NZCMS we know that young people are deeply passionate about issues of social justice in our world and we believe that issues of social justice are central to the gospel. One of the biggest obstacles to the people of the world believing that God exists and that he loves them is the pain and suffering that we see all around us.

We also know that it’s sometimes hard to find ways to bring about real change in a way that is effective, ethical, and practical. Better World is designed to take young people on a journey to explore things they are passionate about in the world and then learn together how we can bring about lasting change.

Better World has the vision of equipping a whole generation of young people to reach into the suffering in the world around us and bring the light of the gospel of Christ.

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If you’d like to apply, please download the application form by clicking the “Apply now” link above then email the completed form to betterworld@nzcms.org.nz


For more information contact us at betterworld@nzcms.org.nz