Our Work

Our vision is for disciples of Jesus to be engaging in God’s transformative work, whether in New Zealand or overseas. As a community passionate about mission, we know God’s calling on us as ‘sent people,’ sent into the world to proclaim and live out God’s faithful love. There are five key ways in which we help the Church to engage as sent people, which we describe below. Our prayer is that as the wider Church engages with our work, each member of the Body of Christ will hear God’s call to be sent, and will discern their pathway of response.

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Sending Mission Partners Globally

​New Zealanders can use their unique gifts to impact the world. At NZCMS, we are dedicated to equipping and journeying with New Zealanders who sense a call into global missions.

Discipling Young People

The world can be changed by a generation of young adults who are actively participating in God’s mission. Our team provides opportunities for young people to be encouraged, inspired, and equipped to be part of God’s transforming work.

Inspiring and Educating the Church

A Church that knows its identity as Jesus-sent people can be a catalyst for transformation. At NZCMS, we aim to inspire and challenge the Church of Aotearoa to come alive with missional fire wherever they are placed.

Engaging With Our Bi-Cultural Whakapapa

The Church Missionary Society has a long history in Aotearoa New Zealand, and we continue to live out of this legacy. We acknowledge both the joys and sorrows of CMS as bi-cultural partners in the past, and seek to honour this legacy in our work today in partnership with tangata whenua.

Equipping The Church for Intercultural Mission

NZCMS realises that opportunities for mission across cultures are not just overseas, but here in New Zealand. NZCMS provides resources and support for churches engaging interculturally in their neighbourhoods.