Growing Global Disciples

Growing Global Disciples is all about learning to look and live outward to what God is doing in the world. It’s about growing our understanding and building practical rhythms into our lives as followers of Jesus who desire God’s Kingdom to flourish in every person and culture.

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This resource will explore questions like…
What is God’s vision for the world?
Why is Mission integral for every follower of Jesus?
How can I be involved?

This class includes:

  • Nine engaging videos, exploring differents topic around mission.
  • Stories from four presenters on their journeys of engaging in global mission.
  • Foundational teaching on some important mission concepts.
  • Suggested practices that will help you implement learnings into your life in tangible ways.
  • An in depth set of “Class Notes”.

Watch Module 1

You can watch Module 1 here. We’ve attached the notes of this Module so you can see how the videos and Class Notes work together. To get access to all the video sessions and Class Notes, get in touch with us. We’d love to connect with you and talk you through the content.

How to use it

This class is designed for a small group setting – You’ll watch one video per session and engage with the content together. It is through journeying with a community of people committed to discussion, accountability, and prayer that we see the most impactful and long-term growth.

The content

In partnership with Discipleship Pathway, we’ve created nine “Modules” that include a video and set of Class Notes each to use for your small group. Each Module will cover a different topic connected to global mission. You can see the titles of each Module here.

Module 1 LEARN:
Practices for Growing as Global Disciples

Module 2 READ:
God’s Mission and ours

Module 3 EAT:
Cultural Awareness

Module 4 REFLECT:
Differing Worldviews

Module 5 LISTEN:
Gospel and Culture

Digital Dignity

Module 7 CHOOSE:
Ethical Consumption

Module 8 CONNECT:
Relationship Across Cultures

Module 9 GO:
Engaging Cross-Culturally

Where to start

You start by contacting us at or 03-377 2222. We want to meet you (either digitally or face to face) and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also be available to help however we can as you go through the content.