Mission Partners

Our Mission Part­ners serve in a variety of loc­a­tions around the world. They work under the author­ity of a local church, and seek to build deep rela­tion­ships with their com­munit­ies. Equipped and sup­por­ted by the NZCMS staff and a team of sup­port­ers, each of our Part­ners serves with the unique com­bin­a­tion of pas­sions, skills, and exper­i­ence that they hold.

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Scott and Nikki Wheeler

Scott and Nikki Wheeler

Papua New Guinea

Scott and Nikki work with the com­munity at Kapuna Hos­pital in Papua New Guinea. They support several pro­jects around the hos­pital and local vil­lages, includ­ing water san­it­a­tion and hygiene, and school­ing and build­ing pro­jects. Scott and Nikki have three chil­dren: Isaac, Abby and Levi.
Adrienne Worth

Adrienne Worth


Adrienne is a com­munity children’s worker in the Handa Academy, a purpose-built school serving rural vil­lages near Bat­tam­bang, Cam­bodia. She helps with lit­er­acy and a com­ple­ment­ary program to the local school extend­ing the children’s education.
Neill and Rebekah Dunbar

Neill and Rebekah Dunbar


Neill and Rebekah serve the Anglican Church in Phnom Penh, Cam­bodia. They are excited to see what God has in store in this beau­ti­ful country as they serve and dis­ciple members of the devel­op­ing church. Their chil­dren are Jonathan, Aaron and Emily. 
Nick and Tessa Laing

Nick and Tessa Laing


Since 2013, Nick and Tessa have been priv­ileged to live and work amongst their local com­munity in Gulu, North­ern Uganda. Nick coordin­ates over 20 Anglican health centres, and is launch­ing new centres as part of an ini­ti­at­ive to further extend health­care to the rural poor. Tess works with com­munit­ies to tackle local justice issues and is cur­rently focused on helping rural cit­izens fight for their land rights.

Luke and Naomi Sinclair

Luke and Naomi Sinclair


With only 0.5 percent of the pop­u­la­tion identi­fy­ing as evan­gel­ical Chris­ti­ans, Japan remains the second-largest unreached people group in the world. Having exper­i­enced first-hand Japan’s need for Gospel labour­ers, Luke and Naomi are pre­par­ing to partner with the student Chris­tian group there. Their chil­dren are Angeline, Emmett and Ray.

Andy and Shona Miller

Andy and Shona Miller

Costa Rica

The Miller family believe that God is con­tinu­ing to quicken the church in Latin America to send thou­sands of people in a mis­sion­ary move­ment to the most unreached people in the world. Andy and Shona see their role as working along­side this move of God through mobil­ising, net­work­ing, train­ing and inter­pret­ing. Their chil­dren are Aliana, Jeshaiah and Elías.
Jamie and Lily Somerville

Jamie and Lily Somerville

South­East asia

Jamie and Lily Somerville serve with Empower­asia across South­east Asia, an organ­isa­tion that dis­ciples young people for future Chris­tian lead­er­ship in their com­munit­ies. Lily will serve by dis­cip­ling young people in Thai­l­and in the local churches, while Jamie will focus on sup­port­ing Empower­asia min­is­tries across South­east Asia. Jamie and Lily share a desire to empower indi­gen­ous young people by sup­port­ing them through edu­ca­tion as well as walking along­side them in their faith journey.

Secure Mission Partners 

Some of our Mission Part­ners need to remain anonym­ous online in order to protect them and the com­munit­ies and min­is­tries they serve. Below you will find the loc­a­tion and descrip­tions of their ministry. 
A Mission Partner serving in the Middle East

A Mission Partner serving in the Middle East

She is involved in vis­it­ing refugee women in the Middle East, bring­ing the good news to them and helping them grow in faith. She is also involved in children’s work, and runs a soccer pro­gramme for girls.
Mission Partners serving in the Middle East

Mission Partners serving in the Middle East 

This couple brings with them two decades of exper­i­ence in global mis­sions in the Middle East. One of them serves a number of theo­lo­gical edu­ca­tion min­is­tries and net­works, making stra­tegic con­tri­bu­tions in e‑learning, accred­it­a­tion and church-based train­ing. They have two sons. 
Mission Partner serving in South Asia

Mission Partner serving in South Asia

She serves in South Asia, working as an edu­ca­tion con­sult­ant. Her min­istry mosaic includes hostels, theo­lo­gical edu­ca­tion, ment­or­ing and capa­city building.
Mission Partner couple serving in South Asia

Mission Partner couple serving in South Asia

This couple works in the edu­ca­tion and youth sectors, with people living in a slum com­munity in South Asia.