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All of our pub­lic­a­tions listed are free to receive. You can find a descrip­tion of each of our regular pub­lic­a­tions below. 

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Email Newsletter

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Sub­scrib­ing to our E‑News is the best way to keep up to date on all the things NZCMS is doing. This is our flag­ship com­mu­nic­a­tions plat­form where we let you know all about our events, share power­ful and ori­ginal mission art­icles and update you on Mission Partner news and movements. 

Annual Report

Sent to your email annually 

If you’re a part of the NZCMS com­munity this is the best pub­lic­a­tion for you to get a report on our activ­ity for each year. This pub­lic­a­tion reports on the work and min­istry of NZCMS from the pre­vi­ous twelve months. Each pub­lic­a­tion includes a report from our National Dir­ector, a couple of import­ant updates and art­icles from our com­munity and a fin­an­cial report on our support and expendit­ure from the pre­vi­ous year. 

Prayer Fuel

Mailed to your address bi-monthly 

If you want to support NZCMS and our people through prayer, this is the pub­lic­a­tion for you. This printed booklet is full of prayer requests from our Mission Part­ners and the wider NZCMS com­munity and fits per­fectly in your bible or devo­tional book. Join with hun­dreds of other prayer war­ri­ors around New Zealand and the world, inter­ced­ing on behalf of our people and ministry.

Our People

Mailed to your address annually 

This pub­lic­a­tion will help you recog­nise who our people are as you receive other com­mu­nic­a­tions from us in Prayer Fuel or our E‑News. This pub­lic­a­tion pro­files who our Mission Part­ners are, where they’re serving and what their min­istry is.