Roy and Rachael

Roy and Rachael work with Mobile Mission Main­ten­ance Fiji (MMM) by coordin­at­ing volun­teer build­ing and main­ten­ance pro­jects for the Chris­tian com­munity of Fiji. MMM Fiji exists to enhance the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the min­istry of build­ing — both people and facil­it­ies — to serve Chris­tian work and workers in God’s global kingdom. Based in Nadi with their three chil­dren, Roy and Rachael are putting their build­ing and admin­is­tra­tion gifts to excel­lent use by facil­it­at­ing pro­jects around Fiji, provid­ing train­ing oppor­tun­it­ies for locals and facil­it­at­ing inter­na­tional volun­teers. Their chil­dren are Josh, Gab­ri­elle and Kelepi (Caleb).

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