• A final reflection

    John, 21 September, 2017

    With my departure from the office imminent, I wanted to share a reflection I’ve been mulling over for a while now. I’ve been in this communications role for almost four years, and as I get ready to leave my role, this is a good chance to share some reflections on NZCMS and our future – […]

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Latest Intermission

When Prayer Meets Calling (Issue 32)

Steve Maina
By Steve Maina (NZCMS National Director) I remember it clearly. Floating above the earth, glancing down at the world, wondering where I’d […]
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Intermission Archives

Following Your Rabbi (Issue 24)

In my early 20s I led a team to India. Early on we were invited to a Bible study by an elder […]
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From our Mission Partners

Protests in Togo

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Since early September, there have been demonstrations and protests across Togo, demanding that the current president step down for power. President Faure Gnassingbe […]
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