• Whanau on mission

    Jairus Robb, 18 December, 2018

    We asked some families how they’ve taught their children to be missional. Kesh and his family moved to Christchurch in 2017. He is studying a Masters in Social Work and attends the Presbyterian Church where his wife, Esther, is an ordained Minister. To the Sabey family, mission is simply shining God’s light through our words and […]

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Latest Intermission

The stories of those who come to us (Intermission – Issue 35)

Jairus Robb
There is a need literally three metres outside the doors of our church. Every day hundreds of students walk past. So many […]
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Intermission Archives

A giving heart (Issue 33)

Mike Robb
“Whatever the capacity for human suffering, the church has a greater capacity for healing and wholeness” Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Community Church A […]
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From our Mission Partners

Courageous faith from Jim Elliott to John Allen Chau

Tess Delbridge
Tess Delbridge talks with NZCMS National Director Steve Maina to find out what courageous faith really looks like. As John Allen Chau […]
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