• Reading Between The Lines: 7 Things Missionaries Aren’t Telling You

    Guest Author, 11 February, 2016

    By Rebekah Barnett. The following is re-blogged from weaverthreads.wordpress.com. Thanks for letting us share! When I first approached my parents about guest-writing their prayer letter, I was grateful they (albeit tentatively!) agreed. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to the Philippines. Now that I’m married and not involved in their work, it’s easy to forget what […]

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Becoming Disciple Makers: A Church’s Story (Issue 24)

Guest Author, 28 September, 2015
By Amy Page-Whiting.  “Go and make disciples of all nations.” That’s the final command of Jesus to all those who follow him, […]
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From our Mission Partners

New Home and New Ministries

Féy & Murray, 10 February, 2016
When we wrote our last update in October, we had just finalised our new church plant partnership and had found a new house to […]
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Get Low: 3 Lessons On Leadership

Guest Author, 5 February, 2016
By Peggy Kelley.  The following has been reblogged from Risecampaign.com.   There are so many articles, books and quotes about leadership floating around these […]
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