• At home with Mission

    Heather Fraser, 21 February, 2018

    When I applied for my current job at NZCMS (New Zealand Church Missionary Society) I had no idea of what the letters stood for or what the organisation did.  That was pretty much my knowledge of missions as well.  So as you might imagine I went on a bit of a learning curve. The staff […]

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    • Happy Valentines Day
      Jairus Robb, 14 February, 2018

      This Valentines day we want to give you the opportunity to spread the love across the world. So we have created various, […] Read more
    • A Place at The Table
      Heather Fraser, 12 December, 2017

      As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this year, let us not forget that Jesus was not born in the home town […] Read more
    • Introducing Dawn
      Jairus Robb, 7 December, 2017

      Hello!  My name is Dawn Daunauda.  What a delight and privilege it is for me to be a short-term associate of NZCMS […] Read more
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Latest Intermission

A giving heart (Issue 33)

Mike Robb
“Whatever the capacity for human suffering, the church has a greater capacity for healing and wholeness” Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Community Church A […]
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Intermission Archives

The Practice of Loving Strangers (Issue 23)

Mystery Author
Scripture doesn’t seem to have a problem with self-love. In fact, it seems to be a given. Jesus told us to love […]
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From our Mission Partners

A Focus on Fey’s Ministries

Féy & Murray
“What time is your flight tomorrow?” This is a regular question from me to Féy at this time of year as she […]
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