• A way to pray: November

    Jairus Robb, 9 November, 2018

    I wonder how we’re meant to pray when there are so many distractions around us. In fact I even find my own brain a distraction. Jesus tells us to go into a room and close the door. But my mind starts to fill up the hole left by the lack of external noise straight away. It […]

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Latest Intermission

The stories of those who come to us (Intermission – Issue 35)

Jairus Robb
There is a need literally three metres outside the doors of our church. Every day hundreds of students walk past. So many […]
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Intermission Archives

Weaving Together the World’s Diversity (Issue 20)

Steve Maina
It’s time for a paradigm shift as we look at worldwide mission partnerships. One could even question whether partnerships, in the truest […]
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From our Mission Partners

God’s Blessing and Provision

I’ve now been in Nairobi Kenya for over a week and decided it was time to stop and reflect on the blessing […]
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