• Love one an-OTHER?

    By Kirstin Cant, 31 October, 2014

    His name was Daniel. He wasn’t old, perhaps within 10 years of my age. He spent his days on the couch listening to T.V. He was blind. He needed help with every basic human action: walking, to be put in the wheelchair, eating, using the toilet. He relied on the nurses for his daily life. Some-days […]

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2014 Bicentenary

Those Underrated Missionaries (part 8 of the series The Gospel in NZ)

By Jon Slack, 7 October, 2014
In this latest edition of NZ: Myths and Realities Keith Newman alerts us to new research showing the significant difference missionaries have [...]
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From our Mission Partners

Katie Settles into Life in Spain

By Katie Bennett, 8 October, 2014
On the 16th September I arrived in Gijon, Spain and to my new home. I got to settle into my first week [...]
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#NZCMS & Haerenga

Identity, anthropology and mission

By Guest Author, 24 October, 2014
What does it mean to be missional while being a student? Abigail shares a story demonstrating that university can be a place [...]
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