• A way to pray: November

    Jairus Robb, 9 November, 2018

    I wonder how we’re meant to pray when there are so many distractions around us. In fact I even find my own brain a distraction. Jesus tells us to go into a room and close the door. But my mind starts to fill up the hole left by the lack of external noise straight away. It […]

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Latest Intermission

The stories of those who come to us (Intermission – Issue 35)

Jairus Robb
There is a need literally three metres outside the doors of our church. Every day hundreds of students walk past. So many […]
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Intermission Archives

We’re All Called to Belong (Issue 30)

In the last edition of Intermission we explored how we’re all called to be missional. Mission isn’t just for some elusive ‘Christian elite.’ We’re […]
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From our Mission Partners

God’s Blessing and Provision

I’ve now been in Nairobi Kenya for over a week and decided it was time to stop and reflect on the blessing […]
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