Anglican Youth Ministry Supports Mission Partners 

Oct 20, 2023 | News

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By Jess Adams

This fun­draiser was cre­at­ively born out of a way to clear out our surplus food (and recyc­ling) at the end of our Hui together. We held an auction where each house bid for the products they wanted to take home with them. High-valued items were fought over, and low-valued items gave people the oppor­tun­ity to be generous.

Overall, it was a really fun event, with a passion for bless­ing the Mission Partner couple serving in Asia at the heart of it. House members embraced the spirit of gen­er­os­ity and some­times bid over the market value of the product, knowing that part of their flat budget would be con­trib­ut­ing to a really great cause and people we want to tautoko (support). We see this as just a small koha from AYM Houses.

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