Global Opportunties: Where is God Sending you?

Jul 28, 2023 | News

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NZCMS has relationships all over the world and we are constantly looking for those who feel a call from God into global missions. However, we have recently been made aware of the following urgent requests for skilled people to fill the following opportunities. If neither of these fits in with where and what God is calling you too, please get in touch with us. We would love to shout you a coffee and begin those conversations. 

Opportunities in Papua New Guinea 

Anglican Church of PNG

The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea is bringing together existing and new educational institutions to form a new Institute of Higher Education in Oro Province (Popondetta). Expressions of interest are invited for the Position of Principal.  The successful applicant will have at least Masters Degree level qualifications in one of the disciplines of the Institute:

  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Theology

The Principal shall be a member of the Anglican Church of PNG or a church in communion with the Anglican Church of PNG. The successful applicant will be experienced working in the high education sector, preferably in leadership and administration.

The Principal shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute and head of staff, giving effect to Council decisions and ensuring its efficient in accordance with policies, procedures and budget parameters established by the Council and guidelines or directives from the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology. He or she shall work to build the profile of the institute within the community and establishing strengthening relationships with business and industry representatives, as well as national and overseas partners.

Salary and conditions of employment are subject to negotiation.
Expressions of interest should be directed to:
The Rt Revd Dr Jeffrey Driver (

Gulf Christian Services 

Location of job:  Kapuna Life School, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea
Timing of the job: January 2024 – December 2024 and hopefully extend for a longer term
Duration of the job: At least one school year


The Kapuna Life School has grown in the last 20 years from a group of twenty kids to a school with five classrooms and teachers, teaching almost 100 students. Many more families would like to send their children to the Kapuna Life school, especially to highschool, since there are not many alternatives for our teenagers to go to. We need trained teachers, to teach our kids.


As a teacher in the Kapuna Life School you will be responsible for:
Teaching one Grade for one year
Supervising teacher interns
Optional: Take part in setting up Early Childhood Teacher Training School

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a primary school teacher. For this job we need a Christian, proficient in English and willing to adapt to the PNG culture. In order to live and enjoy life in this remote place, it would be good if you are flexible and able to cope with different living conditions. Other than that we are hoping that you are a committed Christian who is open to have fellowship with our community.

What we can offer

If you want to take this unique opportunity to be a teacher in a remote and very needy place of the world, you will not regret it. You will make a great difference to the lives of Kapuna’s children and their future. Kapuna is a beautiful village in the dense bush of PNG with only waterways and airstrips in the vicinity to make travel arrangements. We will make sure you enjoy your stay and can offer the following:

– Visa arrangements
– Accommodation
– Travel Port Moresby – Kapuna
– Volunteer allowance of 700 kina per fortnight for those with Teaching certificate

Application is a joint process with NZCMS and GCS. Email:

Volunteer Job description: Grow Space

Word of Life (WOL) and SEAN have used GrowSpace to publish TEE* courses Come Follow Me and Abundant Life in a digital, secure, multilingual, interactive format for group and 1-2-1 discipleship. It is the only online courses platform designed specifically for TEE courses, and works on all device-types through the browser and as a web-app.
• GrowSpace reinforces the principles of TEE learning
• Works on phones, computers, and tablets of all types
• Designed for security: including an optional ‘game front’ to hide the learning platform
• Invitation-only
• Works for all scripts and languages including right-to-left, characters etc.
• Fully translatable User Interface
• Requires students to engage and answer questions before moving on
• Offline functionality for completing lessons with limited/patchy internet
• Replaces printed books, so reduces running cost of TEE courses
• In-app messaging feature
• Can embed video and audio

This app is being used worldwide, in traditional TEE programs, by mission workers, as well as in the diaspora and among refugees, especially where access to printed books is limited. It is strategically and flexibly designed for context, including language, offline and security features needed for use in high security Muslim world settings.
*For further introduction to TEE see:

How can volunteers help?
GrowSpace is currently hosted and run by Word of Life, a registered UK charity. Because of the nature of our users who are often based in low-income countries, the platform is not currently self-sufficient and we often give subsidised or free access to the courses.

Volunteers can join our GrowSpace team and will help improve the sustainability and longevity of the GrowSpace project. It will also help provide a wider base of people with a working knowledge of the code, giving us greater technical security. Volunteer programmers giving small amounts of time, regularly will help us to improve the user’s experience on the platform, create new features and enable us to reach more people worldwide with these great course materials.

GrowSpace Technical Description:
• Growspace is a custom-built Learning Management System (LMS) created for TEE* courses to be made more accessible in security conscious locations.
• The front end of the app is built using React and Material UI components.
• Some Redux is used for state management, but mostly Context components are used throughout the site.
• Firebase is used for authorization, database, file storage and API endpoints (via cloud functions)
• The 2 systems coupled together allow the app to run as a Progressive Web App (PWA) completely offline once the user has synced their data with the app.
IT skills necessary
• Must haves: JS, CSS, HTML, ReactJS, ability to work with an existing, large code base
• Good to haves: Firebase
• Nice to haves: Redux, Redux Sagas, PWA

Requirement for Volunteers:

Volunteers should be confident users of the necessary must have technologies as listed above. The role is largely ticket based with little hands-on supervision. Unfortunately, we are not able to train new or inexperienced developers.

Volunteers will use their own computers and are required to communicate via Zoom and Slack with the GrowSpace Manager and Developer Lead.
Volunteers should commit to a minimum of 8 hours a month over a period of at least a year, to allow time for them to understand the code base and be able to make a useful contribution, and to make worthwhile the set-up time and investment from our side. Those with more time than this would be welcome!

To enquire about this voluntary role please contact Jenni: with your CV and a short description of why you are interested to volunteer with WOL.

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