Kingdom Impact Looks Like Toilets, Sanitation and Tropical Critters

May 4, 2022 | News

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By Nikki Wheeler
Mission Partner in Papua New Guinea

Hello to our won­der­ful NZ Whanau! This is an update to let you know how things have been pro­gress­ing in Kapuna, Papua New Guinea in the last few months.

Scott’s project work has changed a lot since fin­ish­ing the hos­pital upgrade and he is now start­ing to get into other pro­jects. This will involve vis­it­ing various vil­lages, assess­ing how they build their toi­let­ing systems and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Here is a photo of Joe in a neigh­bour­ing village digging out his old toilet (long drop type system) to make space for it to be used again. There is a ‘stand down’ period where the toilet is not used for a while before this process happens. It’s still not a pleas­ant job though as you can imagine!

Those who know Scott know that he is a bit of a ‘germ-a-phobe’, so it’s mind-blowing to see that God has put this project on his heart, despite his natural tend­en­cies to run from germs and dirty toilets. But he is so pas­sion­ate about provid­ing safe and hygienic toi­let­ing systems to the neigh­bour­ing vil­lages here in the Gulf that he is getting stuck right in!

What has God got lined up next?

The next project Scott has just started is getting great trac­tion with Days for Girls. Hope­fully in the next few months, a group of sewing ladies in Kapuna will be sup­por­ted to sew reusable pads for ladies and young girls in the area. Men­strual equal­ity is not a topic I’d ever envi­sioned Scott speak­ing about so pas­sion­ately at home! I’m con­stantly thank­ing God for using us as vessels for His Kingdom’s goals. They are so much better than our own.

The kids are doing fine — lots of adven­tures with wild­life lately. Levi had a large frog in his room one night, there was a large spider in our mos­quito net and a snake in our neighbour’s bedroom. All this builds huge excite­ment for the boys while their mother shud­ders and takes photos so their Grandma can shudder too. Scott went on a retreat with the boys from the work­shop and had a great time of fel­low­ship learn­ing to make Sago sticks and doing some fishing.

Coming home

We are coming back to Wel­ling­ton for a few months in June to share with some of our sup­port­ers, catch up with our family and friends and rest. We’re looking forward to spend­ing time with you all and eating a dif­fer­ent variety of food again! We will have a busy sched­ule but hope to see every­one who wants to catch up.

Nikki, Scott, Isaac, Abby and Levi

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  1. Ric Foxley

    Hi Nikki & Scott. I love reading your news and pray for you reg­u­larly. Fas­cin­ated to read about your involve­ment with Days for Girls as I am on the Board of DfG NZ here in Palmer­ston North.
    I have had a project in Ethiopia since 2009, and we have set up the man­u­fac­tur­ing of the kits over there — prior to a civil war break­ing out 18 months ago, they were turning over $NZ9,000.00 a month, making a huge impact on the local community.
    I’d love to make contact with you while you are in NZ. 

    I’m with Grandma when it comes to snakes & things!!

    God bless you,

    Ric Foxley
    Ash­hurst, Manawatu.

  2. Scott Wheeler

    Hi Ric — I’m really keen to catch up too. I feel like there is a lot we can learn from your exper­i­ence with you Ethiopian project. 

    Our Kapuna Sewing Project has recently been accep­ted as a team in train­ing with DFG so really new on our journey, but also very excited. 

    You can reach me now on What­s­app +64272305160 or the same number on NZ network when we are back in NZ from the 28th May.

    Airu (Peace) Scott


    Thanks for sharing about your won­der­fully prac­tical min­is­tries! I love the way you are getting locals involved. Hope­fully they can con­tinue the good work when you come back to Wel­ling­ton for some R & R. — Just don’t bring any snakes!

  4. Ella Hard

    Hey Scott, sending lots of love from your Xero fam! So good to hear of your adven­tures & amazing good deeds 

    xx Ella + Johnny

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