Kingdom Impact Looks Like Toilets, Sanitation and Tropical Critters

May 4, 2022 | News

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By Nikki Wheeler
Mission Partner in Papua New Guinea

Hello to our wonderful NZ Whanau! This is an update to let you know how things have been progressing in Kapuna, Papua New Guinea in the last few months.

Scott’s project work has changed a lot since finishing the hospital upgrade and he is now starting to get into other projects. This will involve visiting various villages, assessing how they build their toileting systems and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Here is a photo of Joe in a neighbouring village digging out his old toilet (long drop type system) to make space for it to be used again. There is a ‘stand down’ period where the toilet is not used for a while before this process happens. It’s still not a pleasant job though as you can imagine!

Those who know Scott know that he is a bit of a ‘germ-a-phobe’, so it’s mind-blowing to see that God has put this project on his heart, despite his natural tendencies to run from germs and dirty toilets. But he is so passionate about providing safe and hygienic toileting systems to the neighbouring villages here in the Gulf that he is getting stuck right in!

What has God got lined up next?

The next project Scott has just started is getting great traction with Days for Girls. Hopefully in the next few months, a group of sewing ladies in Kapuna will be supported to sew reusable pads for ladies and young girls in the area. Menstrual equality is not a topic I’d ever envisioned Scott speaking about so passionately at home! I’m constantly thanking God for using us as vessels for His Kingdom’s goals. They are so much better than our own.

The kids are doing fine – lots of adventures with wildlife lately. Levi had a large frog in his room one night, there was a large spider in our mosquito net and a snake in our neighbour’s bedroom. All this builds huge excitement for the boys while their mother shudders and takes photos so their Grandma can shudder too. Scott went on a retreat with the boys from the workshop and had a great time of fellowship learning to make Sago sticks and doing some fishing.

Coming home

We are coming back to Wellington for a few months in June to share with some of our supporters, catch up with our family and friends and rest. We’re looking forward to spending time with you all and eating a different variety of food again! We will have a busy schedule but hope to see everyone who wants to catch up.

Nikki, Scott, Isaac, Abby and Levi

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  1. Ric Foxley

    Hi Nikki & Scott. I love reading your news and pray for you regularly. Fascinated to read about your involvement with Days for Girls as I am on the Board of DfG NZ here in Palmerston North.
    I have had a project in Ethiopia since 2009, and we have set up the manufacturing of the kits over there – prior to a civil war breaking out 18 months ago, they were turning over $NZ9,000.00 a month, making a huge impact on the local community.
    I’d love to make contact with you while you are in NZ.

    I’m with Grandma when it comes to snakes & things!!

    God bless you,

    Ric Foxley
    Ashhurst, Manawatu.

  2. Scott Wheeler

    Hi Ric – I’m really keen to catch up too. I feel like there is a lot we can learn from your experience with you Ethiopian project.

    Our Kapuna Sewing Project has recently been accepted as a team in training with DFG so really new on our journey, but also very excited.

    You can reach me now on Whatsapp +64272305160 or the same number on NZ network when we are back in NZ from the 28th May.

    Airu (Peace) Scott


    Thanks for sharing about your wonderfully practical ministries! I love the way you are getting locals involved. Hopefully they can continue the good work when you come back to Wellington for some R & R. – Just don’t bring any snakes!

  4. Ella Hard

    Hey Scott, sending lots of love from your Xero fam! So good to hear of your adventures & amazing good deeds

    xx Ella + Johnny

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