Mission Partners Give Update After Three Months in Tokyo

Jun 30, 2022 | News

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By Luke and Naomi Sinclair
NZCMS Mission Partners to Japan

We’ve been in Chofu, Tokyo for three months! A high­light has been the great con­ver­sa­tions we’re having with local fam­il­ies at Angeline’s Chris­tian preschool. We haven’t met another Chris­tian parent yet, and only two of the teach­ers are Chris­tian, but we’re excited at the oppor­tun­ity to connect deeply with so many unbelievers!

One mum told Naomi, “I liked that Bible talk the prin­cipal gave at the entrance cere­mony. It reminds me of the Buddhist priests’ reflec­tions at funer­als. It gives me a warm feeling.”

At another school pick-up, Luke’s dad friend shared, “Yeah I’m not really that reli­gious. Oh, I occa­sion­ally put my hands together and pray at the temple, and I guess maybe it means some­thing. But I’ve never been to a church. I’d quite like to visit one day. Do you think that’d be OK?”

As we con­tinue to connect with fam­il­ies, we’d love your prayers for each of them to encounter Jesus.

Con­form­ity for preschoolers

Just like Aus­tralia and NZ, Angeline plays with kit­chens, trains, play-dough, and water-play. But unlike Aus and NZ, the days are very struc­tured, and uni­form­ity is expec­ted. Naomi had to “make” her do a hand­print for a mothers day craft!

At the start, Angeline often ignored the teach­ers’ instruc­tions. But, more recently, the teach­ers excitedly report to us, ‘She stayed in her seat today!’ What an answer to your prayers for Angeline to settle in!

Praise God she also has some Japan­ese words: ‘Da-me’ (No!), ‘Ten no kami-sama’ (Heav­enly Father), ‘Yatta’ (I did it!). Please keep praying for her and Luke’s lan­guage learning.

Con­form­ity for mums

A sur­prise for us has been the back­ground stress people face each day in order to “fit in”.

Even the simple step of cre­at­ing a social media chat group sent one friend into a spiral of worry. ‘Do you think I’m being too forward in making this? Will they find it a nuis­ance? I guess I should make it opt-in?’

You can see why becom­ing a Chris­tian is a huge chal­lenge for someone in Japan. Con­tinue to pray for courage for Japan­ese people to step away from the crowd to follow Jesus.

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Please pray for us

-Thank God that a few preschool mums have started coming to church events where they are able to read the Bible for the first time!

-Pray that we can con­tinue to show love to our friends and find ways to point them to Jesus.

-Thank God that Angeline and Luke are growing in their lan­guage skills. Please pray they can con­tinue to learn.

-Pray for God to give you oppor­tun­it­ies through your local con­nec­tions to point people to Jesus.

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  1. Hazel

    Thank you — praying for you all.

  2. Helen Walsh

    Oh , this was encour­aging — I’m 80 and had been on Mission for awhile in Central Asia. And I have a great desire to keep on build­ing rela­tion­ships espe­cially with a few Afghans here who were my neigh­bours [ some­times doing knit­ting for them . We never know what God has up His sleeve.
    Bless­ings! it can be a very big chal­lenge and some­times we simply are not sure if agod is using us .

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