Mission Partners Give Update After Three Months in Tokyo

Jun 30, 2022 | News

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By Luke and Naomi Sinclair
NZCMS Mission Partners to Japan

We’ve been in Chofu, Tokyo for three months! A highlight has been the great conversations we’re having with local families at Angeline’s Christian preschool. We haven’t met another Christian parent yet, and only two of the teachers are Christian, but we’re excited at the opportunity to connect deeply with so many unbelievers!

One mum told Naomi, “I liked that Bible talk the principal gave at the entrance ceremony. It reminds me of the Buddhist priests’ reflections at funerals. It gives me a warm feeling.”

At another school pick-up, Luke’s dad friend shared, “Yeah I’m not really that religious. Oh, I occasionally put my hands together and pray at the temple, and I guess maybe it means something. But I’ve never been to a church. I’d quite like to visit one day. Do you think that’d be OK?”

As we continue to connect with families, we’d love your prayers for each of them to encounter Jesus.

Conformity for preschoolers

Just like Australia and NZ, Angeline plays with kitchens, trains, play-dough, and water-play. But unlike Aus and NZ, the days are very structured, and uniformity is expected. Naomi had to “make” her do a handprint for a mothers day craft!

At the start, Angeline often ignored the teachers’ instructions. But, more recently, the teachers excitedly report to us, ‘She stayed in her seat today!’ What an answer to your prayers for Angeline to settle in!

Praise God she also has some Japanese words: ‘Da-me’ (No!), ‘Ten no kami-sama’ (Heavenly Father), ‘Yatta’ (I did it!). Please keep praying for her and Luke’s language learning.

Conformity for mums

A surprise for us has been the background stress people face each day in order to “fit in”.

Even the simple step of creating a social media chat group sent one friend into a spiral of worry. ‘Do you think I’m being too forward in making this? Will they find it a nuisance? I guess I should make it opt-in?’

You can see why becoming a Christian is a huge challenge for someone in Japan. Continue to pray for courage for Japanese people to step away from the crowd to follow Jesus.

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Please pray for us

-Thank God that a few preschool mums have started coming to church events where they are able to read the Bible for the first time!

-Pray that we can continue to show love to our friends and find ways to point them to Jesus.

-Thank God that Angeline and Luke are growing in their language skills. Please pray they can continue to learn.

-Pray for God to give you opportunities through your local connections to point people to Jesus.

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  1. Hazel

    Thank you – praying for you all.

  2. Helen Walsh

    Oh , this was encouraging – I’m 80 and had been on Mission for awhile in Central Asia. And I have a great desire to keep on building relationships especially with a few Afghans here who were my neighbours [ sometimes doing knitting for them . We never know what God has up His sleeve.
    Blessings! it can be a very big challenge and sometimes we simply are not sure if agod is using us .

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