National Director joins Anglican Missions Board Visit to Tonga

Jun 2, 2023 | News

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In January 2022, the under­wa­ter Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted which led to sig­ni­fic­ant ash­falls across Tonga and triggered tsunami waves that dis­placed entire com­munit­ies. Anglican Mis­sions has been working along­side the Anglican churches in Tonga to respond to needs in the com­munity and increase resi­li­ence to future events.

Together with the other members of the Anglican Mis­sions Board, Rosie recently spent four days in Tonga learn­ing about the impact and response to the erup­tion. This visit coin­cided with the visit of the new Arch­bishop of Poly­ne­sia, the Most Rev. Sione Ulu’ilakepa, to Tonga and we enjoyed the gen­er­ous hos­pit­al­ity of the Anglican churches.

One high­light was learn­ing about the CIVA ini­ti­at­ive which grew out of a local Anglican parish. CIVA (Com­munity Integ­rated Vul­ner­ab­il­ity Assess­ment) is a toolkit designed to reduce risk and increase climate resi­li­ence in the com­munity. The church youth group visited each house in the parish and iden­ti­fied the areas in the com­munity that are most vul­ner­able to natural dis­asters, this data is mapped, and an action plan is imple­men­ted to address the issues gathered from the community.

NZCMS and Anglican Mis­sions have partnered together for more than a century. Rosie sits on the Board of Anglican Mis­sions, and NZCMS’ Global Mission Part­ners receive support from Anglican Mis­sions. We praise God for the sig­ni­fic­ant work of Anglican Missions.

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