Video Interview with Mission Partner in Cambodia

Jul 27, 2022 | News

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Interview with Adrienne Worth

We sat down with Adrienne to discuss her life and min­istry in Cam­bodia. Adrienne serves in Bat­tam­bong, a town in north­west­ern Cam­bodia where she works at a com­munity children’s worker in the Handa Academy, a purpose-built school serving rural vil­lages. If you’d like to watch more videos like this go to our Youtube Channel and hit the “Sub­scribe” button.

Adrienne was recently com­mis­sioned as a long-term Mission Partner with NZCMS. She travels back to Cam­bodia on August 14. Pray that her travel would go smoothly and that this new season of cross-cul­tural mis­sions service would begin well.

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