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Jul 13, 2022 | News

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By Nikki Wheeler
NZCMS Mission Partner to Papua New Guinea

Discipleship Training Program

Kapuna runs a discipleship program throughout the year. They invite a group of people from different villages in the Gulf Province and house and feed them for a period of 8 weeks while they train them in Bible Truths and Practical Christianity. They are embraced into the Christian Community of Kapuna and taken on an Outreach experience to another village before returning to their own village with a renewed filling of the Holy Spirit, where they step out to speak to their own people, in their own language to bring them closer to Christ. By supporting the Discipleship Training Program, you can be a part of spreading the Gospel and God’s love throughout the Gulf Province

Kapuna Life School

This lovely school is the local Kapuna School and provides the best education in the Gulf, especially considering its regular shortage of teachers and resources. They provide Christian education and teach a mix of NZ and PNG curricula.

Most of the resources are very old and limited. We are hoping to raise enough money to start a sustainable fund for an extra budget for school resources by using a small pig farm which is a major currency throughout PNG. Buy a few piglets, and teach pig husbandry to the students and once the pigs are big enough to sell, we’ll sell one for cash for the school and the other to buy more piglets. This way in support you give will continue to be multiplied.

Days for Girls

Period poverty keeps many girls out of school each month. In an area where schooling and respect for women are already very low, any extra barriers to education need to be irradiated!

The newly formed Kapuna sewing group has recently partnered with Days for Girls to sew reusable pads and make hygiene packs for distribution throughout the villages in the Gulf. Education around menstrual hygiene is provided for men and women as part of this initiative and they need funding to create and distribute these packs to remote areas of the Gulf.

Want to support one of these projects? Click here and select the “Fund a specific project” drop-down menu. 

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  1. Sally Kibblewhite

    All very worthwhile initiatives 👍🏼Earlier this month our congregation were reminded of Wilbur Chapman, the American boy, who was the inspiration for the piggy bank when he bought and raised a pig to generate funds for the Leprosy Mission. This Sunday they will hear about your projects and especially the piggy one! 😉

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